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10.08.2011 The hispanic version of Technoton official website. >>
03.08.2011 On-line simulator of CKPT terminals is available now! >>
11.05.2011 Technoton quality management system certificated to requirements STB ISO 9001-2009 of national accreditation system and DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 DAkkS German system. >>
15.03.2011 GPS vehicle tracking and fuel consumtion monitoring is available in Poland now! >>

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CKPT Distributing

Distributing and mounting of the fuel consumption monitoring system (CKPT system) is a promising and developing business. Demand for such systems is increasing as prices on fuel are rising.
The CKPT system is the best one at CIS Market. It is also the only one system that allows controlling fuel consumption and vehicle`s travel route simultaneously.
We invite organizations that have experiences in installation of additional equipment on vehicles to join our team that unites more than 30 companies in 6 countries.
JV “Technoton”, the manufacturer, offers the Dealers profitable discounts. Under the mutual collaboration we appropriate funds for Dealers to participate in regional exhibitions, to develop site, design advertising matter.
We are looking for the dealers in European Union countries, Latin America, Africa and Asia.
We place the information about our dealers on www.ckpt.ru, in advertisement booklets.
We ask organizations and individual entrepreneurs that are eager to become our dealers and partners to complete the Dealer Application (go to Document Center) and e-mail it to marketing@technoton.by or fax to (375 17) 240 39 76.

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