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More about CKPT

Vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring system CKPT

Vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring system CKPT 

CKPT is a vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring system designed for monitoring diesel fuel consumption and vehicle travel route as well as recording operating parameters of motor vehicles, tractors, road-building and agricultural machinery.

Principle of operation of CKPT
Principle of operation of CKPT system consists in measuring operating parameters of motor vehicles which are connected with fuel consumption.

For this purpose standard sensors (speed sensor, engine speed sensor, fuel level sensor, ignition key position sensor) and accessory sensors such as fuel flow meter DPT and fuel level sensor DUT-E are used.

The collected data are stored in the data logger CKPT 31 Lite and can be analyzed either on-board the vehicle or using an external personal computer. Special software "CKPT-Manager" enables you to analyze data in detail off-line, providing information in the form of tables and charts.




  • Simultaneuos control and analysis of data from several sensors ensures high accuracy and reliability of information
  • Measurement of actual fuel consumption
  • Convenient data viewing on-board the vehicle
  • Numerous service functions for driver and manager
  • Detailed documentation
  • Moderate cost and fast payback
  • User-friendly and informative software
  • Generation of reports in the form of texts, charts and diagrams
  • Mounting kit includes all accessories for prompt installation on the vehicle
Controlled parameters
  • Fuel consumption;
  • Fuel level in tank;
  • Fueling volume and time;
  • Fuel draining volume and time;
  • Trip distance;
  • Engine operating time;
  • Trip time;
  • Idle time;
  • Vehicle speed;
  • Engine speed (RPM);
  • Engine time;
  • On-board power voltage;
  • Vehicle travel route according to GPS data.

CKPT vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring system enables
Manager to receive objective information about fuel consumption, vehicle operating time, fueling volume and fuel discharge volume, vehicle travel route; to lower fuel and repair costs, to improve efficiency of every vehicle, to prevent frauds with fuel theft, to establish an efficient system of driver’s bonuses.
Driver to get used to economical driving style, to promptly detect defects/malfunctions, to select the best vehicle operation mode
Accountant to simplify record keeping of fuel consumption, to reduce fleet maintenance and depreciation costs
Economist to develop or check fuel consumption rates for a certain travel route or vehicle operation


Off-line GPS vehicle tracking


GPS tracking





CKPT system allows to monitor simultaneously both fuel consumption and vehicle route according to GPS data.

Additional controlled parameters:


  • Vehicle travel route in statics
  • Vehicle travel route in dynamics (travel route playback)
  • Vehicle position space-time diagram
  • Places of parking, fueling and fuel discharge events
  • Vehicle speed, fuel tank volume and other parameters are displayed in every route point


Necessary on-board and office equipment


Easy wireless data transmission
from the vehicle to a PC via Bluetooth
Easy wireless data transmission




CKPT system enables wireless data transmission from the vehicle data logger to the personal computer to simplify the connection between vehicles and PCs and to ensure reliability of data transmission.



Necessary on-board and office equipment


On-line GPS tracking



CKPT: Fleet monitoring




  • Real-time displaying current vehicle location
  • Displaying vehicle operating parameters - vehicle speed, fuel consumption, engine speed and engine temperature
  • Reports on movement and stops, engine operation, fuel consumption, places of fueling and fuel drains



Necessary on-board equipment

  • On-board terminal CKPT 45
  • Registration


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