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Standard measuring tank

Standard measuring tank M2P-2-01

Standard measuring tank M2P-2-01 is designed for testing fuel flow sensors DPT in order to check on measurement accuracy.
It can also be used to prove that fuel consumption rates fixed by the fuel consumption monitoring system CKPT are lawfully sufficient.

Equipment to be used
  • Standard measuring tank of 2 litres capacity 
  • Measuring jar (included in the delivery set of standard measuring tank)
  • Service kit CKPT/USB
  • Personal computer with installed software "CKPT-Service" 
  • Two high and narrow tanks for fuel 

  • Testing fuel flow sensor DPT is to be carried out according to Testing technique 
  • Test results should be finalized by the Test report
  • Testing is recommended to carry out by the CKPT certified installers 

Standard measuring tank M2P-2-01 

  • Rated capacity is 2000 dm3
  • Satisfies the technical requirements of State Standard 8.400-80 and technical conditions 4381-002-50618805-00







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