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Signal simulator IAS Lite

Signal simulator IAS Lite




Signal simulator IAS Lite is a sipmle device used for generation of vehicle sensors signals during demonstration and testing of fleet management systems and GPS tracking systems (AVL systems), for example, CKPT system

Signals to be generated


  • Engine speed, RPM
  • Vehicle speed, km/h
  • On-board power supply, V 
  • Fuel volume in tank, l
  • Fuel consumption, pulses/l 

  • Simulation of real vehicle operation, including accelerations, stops, fueling, fuel drains
  • Indication of vehicle operation on electronic display


     Signal simulator IAS Lite


Supply voltage 12 V
Current consumption < 300 mA
Overall dimensions 170x75x40 mm
Weight < 0.2 kg

Warranty period is 18 months from the vintage




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