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15.03.2011 GPS vehicle tracking and fuel consumtion monitoring is available in Poland now! >>

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Real-time Fleet tracking & Fuel monitoring

Real-time GPS vehicle tracking & Fuel monitoring

CKPT system combines functions of real-time vehicle tracking and control of vehicle’s operating parameters. 

Vehicle location is determined with help of GPS. In order to monitor fuel consumption fuel level sensors and/or fuel flow sensors are used. CKPT system also allows using information from CAN bus to monitor fuel consumption.
Accurate and reliable GPS-receiver Trimble provides stable satellites visibility, even in the «heavy» urban conditions. Data transmission to the server is carried out via GPRG. If there is no GPRS, for example in roaming, the system automatically begins to transfer data via SMS. In this case the rate of data transmission is set lower in order to minimize the traffic.
As an on-board terminal CKPT 45 is used.
The recommended rate of data transmission from on-board the vehicle to the server is every 60 seconds. For transport police, ambulance, emergency services CKPT system enables to use intervals of 5 seconds for data transmission.       
Fleet monitoring

Real-time vehicle tracking on the web-server

Information about the vehicle can be seen from any computer connected to the Internet through the server
Vehicle tracking with help of CKPT is notable for great self-descriptiveness, minimum time delay and flexible system of customizable reports.  
Vehicle monitoring

Report on the vehicle’s travel route
Report on the vehicles travel route

Tabular reports

CKPT system provides tabular reports on vehicle movement, fuel consumption, engine operation, places of stops and parking and so on.

Fuel reports

Engine speed report

Graphs and charts

CKPT is a unique system that combines effective GPS tracking and fuel monitoring.
Fuel level in a tank
Fuel consumption

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