Office equipment

Vehicle tracking server "ORF Monitor"
ORF Monitor - real-time monitoring service for commercial vehicles: linehaul and city trucks, buses, road-building machinery, industrial and agricultural tractors, technological transport.
Corporative vehicle tracking server "ORF Corporate"
"ORF Corporate" is a complex automatized vehicles fleets monitoring service which is designed for large-scale companies with the total number of vehicles fleets up to 100.
Analytical software "CKPT-Manager"
Analytical software "CKPT-Manager" is used for analysis of data collected by CKPT system, database support and generation of reports on vehicle operation
Map report RASTER
Map report RASTER is connected to software CKPT-Manager for displaying the vehicle's travel route and analyzing the GPS data
Bluetooth access point
Automatic data collection from on-board the vehicle using Bluetooth wireless technology
Analytical complex "ORF"
Used for wireless data transfer from on-board the vehicles, storage and analysis of the collected data

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