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15.03.2011 GPS vehicle tracking and fuel consumtion monitoring is available in Poland now! >>

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Map report RASTER

Map report "RASTER"

Map report “RASTER” is connected to software “CKPT-Manager” for displaying the vehicle's travel route and analyzing the GPS data

Map report “RASTER” enables displaying on the map  the following data:
  • ­Vehicle travel route in statics and dynamics
  • Vehicle position space-time diagram
  • Places of stops, parking, fueling and fuel discharge events
  • Vehicle speed, fuel tank volume and other parameters are displayed in every route point


  • Your region maps are to be purchased at map producers.


    Map report RASTR

Necessary on-board and office equipment
  • Vehicle data logger CKPT 31 Lite with embedded GPS-receiver (CKPT 31 Lite GPS or CKPT 31 Lite BT/GPS)
  • Software "CKPT-Manager"
  • Map report "RASTER"
  • Region map in raster (*.jpg, *.bmp) or vector (*.shp) formats 




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