Corporative vehicle tracking server "ORF Corporate"


               "ORF Corporate" is a complex automatized fleet monitoring service, which is designed for large-scale companies with the total number of vehicle fleets up to 100. The total number of vehicles can be up to 20 000.  
ORF Corporate vehicle tracking server
            ORF Corporate collects data either in real-time or in post-processing mode. Analytical reports can be prepared at the end of each calendar hour, shifts, days, weeks, months. Analytical reports can be both raw and corrected if information is received for the period which is already «closed» be the corresponding report. Messages about the analytical reports composition are automatically sent to the registered users.
            The server monitors the completeness and accuracy of information, stably works in the automatic mode, allows you to integrate information into the accounting systems, SAP, ACS. Access to the information is carried out through client application «ORF Manager».
            ORF is the best solution for the transport control in holding companies, large-scale companies, industry, municipal or public services. 


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