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ORF Monitor – GPS tracking system with comprehensive data display

ORF vehicle monitoring


         ORF Monitor - real-time monitoring service for commercial vehicles: linehaul and city trucks, buses, road-building machinery, industrial and agricultural tractors, technological transport.
         ORF Monitor is used for real-time remote vehicle location and operating parameters monitoring, data storage in the database and analytical reports composition on user's request.
  1. Dispatching - real-time vehicle location displaying on the map and vehicles operating parameters monitoring.
  2. Fuel monitoring - place & time of fueling monitoring, fueling volume & fuel draining (discharge) monitoring, real fuel consumption monitoring with the help of fuel flow sensors, fuel level sensors and CAN bus.
  3. Reports composition on vehicles fleet operation - vehicle travel route (track), places of stops and parking, engine operation. Reports can be prepared either for one vehicle or for vehicle groups.
  4. Diagnostics - vehicle behaviours monitoring and malfunctions detection.


Real time monitoring system ORF

        ORF is a universal monitoring service which is not tied to any particular type of on-board equipment. Simple, economical and flexible protocol allows you to connect virtually any type of on-board terminals operating via GPRS, CDMA, SMS and GSM communication channels, as well as radio channels. To use all the features of the service, on-board equipment must have a GPS or GLONASS receiver, fuel flow sensor, fuel level sensor, engine speed sensor. It is also possible to use the CAN bus instead of the above mentioned sensors.
         ORF service has three levels of control: vehicle - a group of vehicles - vehicles fleet. User's access to the service for viewing real-time information and reports is organized in this way.
         To work with the monitoring service the user does not need to install complicated and expensive server, client programs, to buy electronic maps. It is enough to have access to the Internet and you will be able to find out where and how your vehicles fleet operates.

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