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Analytical software complex for vehicle control

         Analytical complex "ORF"

Complex fleet management system


Analytical complex "ORF"
ORF is used for automatic data collection from on-board the vehicles, storage and analysis of the collected data. Fuel consumption monitoring, GPS vehicle tracking and engine operating time are the basic controlled parameters for analyzing and reporting. 
ORF is represented as a complex of stationary equipment and software with a centralized fleet management system
ORF consists of a number of wireless access points, database, analytical and management software. 
ORF is biult according to the centralized approach, i.e. all the complex components are connected and controlled by the Center. The Organization enables to manage the fleet operation, to store the collected data and generate the analytical reports. 
ORF is designed to control the fleet of vehicles used within city boundaries or local area with usual daily trips.

Main functions 
  • Automatic data collection from on-board the vehicle using Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Automatic data processing and preparation of analytical reports
  • Generation of user-friendly reports in the form of tables, charts and diagrams easy to analyze
  • Free data communication between a vehicle and a PC
  • Fast collection of analytical data
  • Powerful mapping system
  • Reliability and uninterrupted operation
  • Minimum operating costs

Analytical complex "ORF" is the best solution for fleet management in holding companies, large-scale groups, municipal and community services.

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