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Bluetooth access point

Bluetooth access point
(TD BT Soft)

Automatic data collection from on-board the vehicle using Bluetooth wireless technology.

TD BT Soft consists of the following:
  • Software "TD BT Soft"; 
  • Equipment - wireless data transfer controller  ShortLink USB.

  • Automatic vehicle detection;
  • Data downloading from on-board vehicle data logger;
  • Wireless data transfer to CKPT database;
  • Buffer data storage in the absence of communication channel with CKPT database.  

Principle of operation 
Bluetooth access point scans the air looking for a vehicle equipped with Bluetooth. When the necessary vehicle is detected in the radius of 100 m action, BT acess point will connect and identify the vehicle, then download and transfer the data  to CKPT database.
If the vehicle is not entered in CKPT database, no data is downloaded.  
If communication trouble causes a disconnection from the database, BT access point will accumulate the data in the buffer until the communication is restored in order to transfer the data to the CKPT database.
    Bluetoth access point

  • Radius of action is up to 100 m directly;
  • Number of channels is 1;
  • Buffer storage capacity is limited by disk volume;
  • Maximum distance between a ShortLink and a PC with installed software "Bluetooth access point" can not exceed 5 meters. 

  • Vehicle data logger CKPT 31 Lite with Bluetooth (e.g. CKPT 31 Lite BT, CKPT 31 Lite BT/GPS);
  • CKPT database: software "CKPT-Manager" .

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