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10.08.2011 The hispanic version of Technoton official website. >>
03.08.2011 On-line simulator of CKPT terminals is available now! >>
11.05.2011 Technoton quality management system certificated to requirements STB ISO 9001-2009 of national accreditation system and DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 DAkkS German system. >>
15.03.2011 GPS vehicle tracking and fuel consumtion monitoring is available in Poland now! >>

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JV Technoton. Development and manufacture of automotive electronics.

Belarusian-Russian Joint Venture Technoton is an independent private innovative company situated in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. It was established in 1999.

The core business is the development and manufacturing of auto electronics and software.

The technical staff of Technoton includes a team of highly skilled engineers and designers possessing wide competence in microcontrollers, mechanical engineering, motor-vehicle diagnostics and programming. The company has its own engineering and design office, production department, marketing department, installation and training department.

The company’s basic business lines are
  • Manufacturing of auto electronics to monitor the basic parameters of vehicle operation. A product line of the brand CKPT (Fuel Consumption Monitoring System) presents on-board equipment, office equipment and software, service equipment.
  • Manufacturing of fuel flow sensors and fuel level sensors.
  • Designing, modernization and updating of auto electronics by the specialists of our own design office.
  • Designing of on-board computers and diagnostic complexes for trucks.
All the products and developments are united by the common design philosophy and in the near future are supposed to be integrated into a unified on-board information system.

The software is built according to the modular approach and has open architecture that, at first, allows adapting it to the needs of individual clients, secondly, it provides flexible integration to other software products, accountant’s programs in particular.

Our company has gained a great experience in the sphere of development and installation of devices and software to control diesel fuel consumption. Patented fuel flow sensor DPT of in-house design and its modifications are produced by the company.

Economic policy of Technoton: producing and selling high quality products for affordable price.

Technological policy of Technoton: applying the most recent technological innovations to benefit the customers.
Learn more about JV Technoton at the site of vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring systems manufacturer.

Our address:
S.UNION business center, Minsk, Belarus
 Phone/fax: (+375 17) 240 39 73
e-mail: info@jv-technoton.com 

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