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Counter CKPT 5 / CKPT 7

Fuel counter CKPT 5 / CKPT 7


Counters CKPT 5 / CKPT 7 are to be used together with the fuel flow meters DFM, VZO which have volume of the measuring chamber 5 ml (CKPT 5) and 12.5 ml (CKPT 7).
Counters CKPT 5 / CKPT 7 display:
  • total fuel consumption;
  • instant fuel consumption;
  • total engine operating time;
  • engine operating time in different modes.

  • Convenient data viewing on-board the vehicle in the driver cab. It can be useful if access to the fuel system is limited or it is necessary to raise the driver cab to get access to the fuel system; 
  • Protection from overstatement of readings;
  • Moderate price;
  • Does not require calibration and settings;
  • Switching of indications by special contactless key.


  •  Warranty period is 24 months 
  •  Mean time between failures (MTBF) is no less than 10 000 hours
  •  Mean lifetime is no less than 5 years
 Fuel counter CKPT 5
Convenient counter for fuel monitoring


Flow rate 

CKPT 5 - 2-80 l/h

СКРТ 7 - 5-200 l/h

Operating temperature range -40°С - +60°С
Overall dimensions (without harness) 75х60х30 mm
Weight no more than 0.3 kg

Engine behaviours monitoring

Counters CKPT 5 / CKPT 7 display total engine operating time and engine operating time in different modes:
  • engine operating time in "idling" mode;
  • engine operating time in "optimal" mode;
  • engine operating time in "overload" mode.

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