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Moderate priced On-line GPS tracking & Fuel monitoring Terminal CKPT 25

On-line GPS tracking & Fuel monitoring 

Terminal CKPT 25


Vehicle tracking device CKPT 25 is designed for real-time GPS tracking and transmission of information about vehicle operating parameters to the server (vehicle monitoring).
CKPT 25 has inputs for connecting fuel flow meters & fuel level sensors. It allows monitoring fuel consumption, fueling volume and fuel draining (discharges).
CKPT 25 uses IPM protocol for data transmission to the server.


  • Mechanical protection from unauthorized disconnections; 
  • Accurate and reliable GPS-receiver Trimble;
  • High quality modem Wavecom;
  • Data transmission via GPRS and SMS both in home network and in roaming;
  • Extended temperature range;
  • Extended power supply range;
  • Simple, reliable and efficient protocol of data transmission to the server;
  • Simultaneous work with several types of reports;
  • Possibility of remote control via SMS;
  • Data preprocessing directly in the terminal, providing optimal server loading as well as traffic minimization;
  • Optimal quality-price ratio 


  • 24 months
  • Mean time between failures (MTBF) is no less than
    10 000 hours
  • Mean lifetime is no less than 10 years
  •  On-line GPS tracking & fuel monitoring
    Moderate priced solution for fleet monitoring

    Sensors to be connected

    • Engine speed sensor (RPM)
    • Vehicle speed sensor 
    • Fuel flow meter (pulse signal)
    • Fuel level sensor (analog signal) 
    • On-board power supply


    Supply voltage, V
    Operating temperature range, оС
    from -40 to +60
    RS-232 Interface


    Overall dimensions, mm


    Weight, kg


    Number of inputs, pcs

    analog - 2; pulse - 2

    Buffer memory, Mb 

    3 (24 000 reports)

    Data transmission rate 

    from 1 to 3 600 reports per hour

    see also vehicle tracking & fuel monitoring device CKPT 45

    online terminal CKPT simulator is also available

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