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Moderate priced Off-line FUEL MONITOR CKPT 21 Lite

Off-line fuel monitor


Off-line fuel monitor СКРТ 21 Lite is designed for data logging and displaying vehicle operational data, fuel consumption monitoring and vehicle route tracking.


  • Trucks;
  • Passanger cars;
  • Tractors;
  • Road-building machinery;
  • Technological transport;
  • Diesel generators.

Vehicle data logger СКРТ 21 Lite is mounted in the driver cab.

The following sensors can be connected to off-line fuel monitor:


Controlled parameters can be displayed and checked either on the electronic display of off-line fuel monitor on-board the vehicle or using an external personal computer.

In order to perform subsequent automatic data processing and detailed data analysis in the office Software “CKPT-Manager” or “ORF-Manager” are used.

  • Complex simultaneous fuel consumption and fuel level monitoring, engine speed and vehicle speed monitoring allow to do accurate and reliable analysis;
  • User-friendly and informative software, reports system (texts, charts, diagrams);
  • Electronic display of the data logger allows viewing information directly on-board the vehicle;
  • Vehicle travel route monitoring according to GPS data (for models CKPT 21 Lite GPS).



  • Warranty period is 24 months
  • Mean time between failures (MTBF) is no less than 10 000 hours
  • Mean lifetime is no less than 10 years
     Off-line fuel monitor CKPT 21
Moderate priced vehicle data logger for fuel monitoring & vehicle route tracking

Main controlled parameters 
  • Fuel consumption 
  • Fuel level in tank 
  • Fueling volume and time
  • Fuel discharge volume and time 
  • Travelled distance 
  • Travelling time 
  • Idling time 
  • Vehicle speed 
  • Engine speed (RPM)
  • Motor-hours of operation
  • Engine operating time 
  • On-board power supply
  • Vehicle travel route according to GPS data (option) 

Supply voltage 10 - 32 V, protection up to 60 V
Operating temperature from - 40 to + 60 оС
Current consumption < 100 mA
Protection class IP 40

Memory storage capacity (data logger, black box, tachograph)

500 hours of continuous recording with data retention at 60-sec interval

Recording period (data logger, black box, tachograph)

from 5 to 300 sec
LCD monochrome double LCD screen with back-light
Overall dimensions, mm 140х80х40
Weight, kg 0,5 
GPS inaccuracy no more than 20 m



 see also Moderate priced vehicle tracking device  CKPT 25

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