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Vehicle tracking & Fuel monitoring

Device CKPT 45


Vehicle tracking device CKPT 45 is designed for real-time GPS vehicle tracking and transmission of information about vehicle’s operating parameters to the server (vehicle tracking).
The device has a large number of inputs designed for standard and accessory sensors, including fuel flow meters and fuel level sensors.
The presence of CAN BUS allows you to get the vehicle’s operating parameters directly from the engine control unit. It is also possible to carry out real-time diagnostics of engine failures.
Vehicle tracking device CKPT 45 is a high end terminal designed for companies that need reliable and efficient fleet monitoring.  


  • Record number of inputs;
  • Inputs are optimized for working with widespread vehicle sensors (frequency and voltage optimization);
  • 2 triggered outputs protected from short circuit;
  • Mechanical protection from unauthorized disconnections;
  • Accurate and reliable GPS-receiver Trimble;
  • Data transmission via GPRS and SMS both in home network and in roaming;
  • Extended temperature range;
  • Extended range of power supply;
  • Simple, reliable and efficient protocol of data transmission to the server;
  • Simultaneous work with several types of reports;
  • Possibility of remote control via SMS;
  • Data preprocessing directly in the terminal, providing optimal server loading as well as traffic minimization;
  • Strong metal case.


  • 5 years
  • Mean time between failures (MTBF) is no less than
    10 000 hours
  • Mean lifetime is no less than 10 years


    CKPT 45 uses IPM protocol for data transmission to the server



    see also Moderate priced vehicle tracking device CKPT 25
    on-line terminal simulator CKPT is also available
     Vehicle tracking & fuel monitoring terminal CKPT 45
    Maximum in vehicle tracking


    • Engine speed (RPM);
    • Vehicle speed;
    • Fuel flow meter (pulse signal);
    • Fuel level sensor (analog signal);
    • On-board power supply;
    • Oil pressure;
    • Engine temperature;
    • Outdoor temperature;
    • Indoor temperature;
    • Axle load;
    • Signal lamps;
    • Doors opening;
    • Locking differential.

    Triggered outputs

    2 outputs, current up to 1 A (24 V)


    Supply voltage
    9-50 V, short-term up to 100 V 
    Operating temperature range
    from -40 to +60 оС
    RS-232 Interface, pcs


    CAN 2.0 Interface, pcs 
    Overall dimensions, mm


    Weight, kg


    Number of inputs

    analog - 7; pulse - 3; quantized - 3

    Buffer memory, Mb

    3 (24 000 reports)

    Data transmission rate 

    from 1 to 3 600 reports per hour

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