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Fuel level sensor DUT-E

Precision fuel level sensor DUT-E is designed for precision fuel level measurement in tanks of vehicles, trucks, tractors, road-building machinery, fixed installations.
DUT-E is used as a standard fuel level sensor or as an additional sensor together with AVL, FMS or vehicle tracking systems.


DUT-E has the standard SAE 5 bolted flange and is mounted in the standard hole of the fuel level sensor or the special hole in the vehicle fuel tank.


  • Electrical noninteraction with tank body;
  • Allows cutting “at place” up to 30% of its initial length without recalibration;
  • Strong cast metal body;
  • Protection of sensor output from short circuit;
  • Protection from voltage overload (up to 50 V);
  • Sensors are delivered calibrated, i.e. sensors are interchangeable and there is no necessity to make tank normalization when you replace DUT-E sensor;
  • Stable and more exact output signal;
  • New bayonet lock and small overall dimensions of the outside sensor part;
  • Possibility of sealing. 

Output signals

DUT-E is produced with versions of output signals:

  • DUT-E A5: analog, output voltage range 1.5 - 4.5 V;
  • DUT-E A10: analog, output voltage range 2.5 - 9 V;
  • DUT-E-485: digital, protocol DUT-E COM;
  • DUT-E-232: digital, protocol DUT-E COM;
  • DUT-E-F: frequency output 500 - 1500 Hz.

Fuel level sensor DUT-E

    Ease of mounting


Operating principle  Capacitive
Measurement inaccuracy ±1 %
Supply voltage 9 - 32  V
Operating temperature range from - 40  to + 85 оС
Current consumption, no more than 10 mA

Length, mm

  2000, 1400, 1000,
700, 500, 350,
250, 180



Fuel volume control in vehicle tracking system

Application of the fuel level sensor allows to measure the fuel cinsumption, volume and a place of fuelling.Fuel level sensor signal






see also Fuel flow meter DFM

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