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GPS vehicle tracking and fuel consumption monitoring - CKPT system


     Vehicle tracking & Fuel monitoring system is an effective tool designed for fleet management. Vehicle tracking & Fuel monitoring allows real-time vehicle tracking, fuel consumption monitoring, control the time of machines and dozens of other operating parameters of automotive technique. Vehicle monitoring can be carried out either "off-line" that enables to refuse the monthly fee which is usually required by real-time (on-line) GPS tracking systems or "on-line" that is necessary for effective vehicle tracking.
     Vehicle tracking & Fuel monitoring  functions
      •    Real-time vehicle tracking;
      •    Fuel consumption monitoring;
      •    Control of the time and place of vehicle fueling as well as fueling volume control;
      •    Vehicle operating time control;
      •    Engine operating control: time, power output, engine speed, temperature, oil pressure;
      •    Vehicle operating parameters monitoring: axle load, differential locking – more than 30 parameters!
      •    Developing and checking fuel consumption rates.
     Vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring system Vehicle tracking & Fuel monitoring can be installed on trucks and passenger cars, buses, technological transport, tractors, loaders, graders, road-building machinery, stationary diesel generators, boilers, burners, etc.
          Vehicle location is determined with high accuracy using satellite-based systems – GPS and GLONASS.
          Information is transmitted from the vehicle to office via Bluetooth, GPRS or SMS communication channel as well as by contact method using USB cable.
      •    Increasing of efficiency of fleet operation;
      •    Reducing of fuel and wages costs;
      •    Increasing of vehicle service life, repairing and maintenance costs lowering. 
     Unlike other GPS vehicle tracking & fuel monitoring systems 
1.   Vehicle tracking & Fuel monitoring is a complete solution that allows you to solve simultaneously several problems: real-time vehicle tracking, fuel consumption monitoring, vehicle operating time control, monitoring the modes and conditions of vehicle operation.
2.   Only Vehicle tracking & Fuel monitoring system is able to control axle load, engine temperature, oil pressure, differential locking and dozens of other vehicle operating parameters.
3.   A wide range of sensors and devices allows each user to choose the necessary equipment – from simple and inexpensive to complex and multifunctional.
4.   Vehicle tracking & Fuel monitoring system includes not only high-precision capacitive fuel level sensor installed in the tank, but also engine fuel flow meter. Vehicle operating parameters can be received directly from the engine control unit via CAN BUS on modern vehicles EURO (TIER) 3/4/5.
5.   Manufacturer’s quality guarantee: all the elements of CKPT system are developed and manufactured by one Belarussian company – JV "Technoton". That fact ensures complete compatibility, high-quality technical support and operational after sales service.
6.   Time-proved. Vehicle tracking & Fuel monitoring system is produced since 2004. More than 20 000 CKPT systems are used in Russia, CIS countries, the European Union. The system of vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring is being constantly improved to increase reliability and performance.
7.   Cold-proved. A large number of  Vehicle tracking & Fuel monitoring devices are installed at the companies of oil and gas industry in Siberia and are used the year-round on vehicles and technological machines.
8.   Vehicle tracking & Fuel monitoring system is developed in collaboration with the major Belarussian truck manufacturers and is included in serial design documentation of trucks MAZ and loaders Amkodor.
9.   Vehicle tracking & Fuel monitoring system is produced with the use of high-quality components that meet industry and automotive technics standards.
10.  Vehicle tracking & Fuel monitoring system has several degrees of protection against vandalism and interference.
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GPS vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring in fleet management

     Fuel monitoring system CKPT enables to receive objective information about fuel consumption, vehicle operating time, fuel volume and fuel draining (discharges) volume, vehicle travel route. It also allows lowering fuel and repairing costs and developing or checking fuel consumption rates. Fuel rates are used to be excessive and record keeping of fuel consumption according to fixed fuel rates tends to increase operating expenses of the automotive fleet. In fact CKPT system corresponds to an electronic trip sheet.
      Fuel monitoring system CKPT is an indispensable tool in conditions of permanent rise in prices for fuel!

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